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When we were first planning our wedding, we thought posing for and taking our wedding pictures would be the hardest part of our wedding day.  We really got lucky to have Karla as our photographer.  She was organized, creative, lots of fun, and she really knew how to work with people!  We got so many compliments from our families and from the wedding party about Karla and how much fun they had posing for the pictures.  All of our pictures turned out great, and there was such a variety.  We were able to discuss with Karla the types of things we were looking for where our pictures were concerned.  If you want to be relaxed and have a good time on your wedding day, Karla is definitely the person you want taking pictures!  We're so glad she was there for us.

Sue and Tim

Karla did an outstanding job taking pictures on our wedding day.  I was most impressed with the meetings she sets up with all the couples so they can see her work, ask questions, and tell her what poses they want for their wedding.  This made the day go by easier and each couple has less to worry about on that busy day.  Not only is Karla good at her job, she is professional and tactful.  My whole family could tell that Karla loved her job and her work reflects her attitude.  Karla took a variety of poses.  She took poses that were fun and poses that were elegant.  When comparing my photos to other photos she took for other people's weddings, none were the same.  She makes each wedding special and one of a kind.  Karla ensures quality and absolute satisfaction by bringing a variety of cameras and an enthusiastic attitude to each wedding she does.  Karla is easy to talk to about any question, whether it is prices, poses, or packages.  Karla's delivery of the pictures are prompt and accurate.  Karla is fantastic.

Shannon and Ian

When we were planning our wedding we knew our pictures were one of the most important parts of the day.  Being that the day goes by so fast, it's nice to have good pictures to remember it all.  Karla was wonderful!  She was very patient and organized.  Therefore, the day goes smoothly and we didn't forget any pictures.  The best of all was that she was very fun to work with.  We recommend Karla to everyone.

Sarah and Mike

Karla did an excellent job with our wedding pictures.  She took a variety of creative photos.  She makes everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. Karla has a special way to make everyone smile and have fun while taking their pictures.  We received many compliments from our friends and family on how professional her pictures are.  We would recommend Karla to anyone.

Suzanne and Jamis

Karla did a fantastic job with both the engagement and wedding pictures.  She came up with great new poses and was wonderful with the kids.  We would recommend Karla to anyone, she's a real professional.

Stephanie and Steve

Karla did a wonderful job with our wedding photos.  We would recommend Karla to anyone in need of a great, fun, and professional photographer.

Tammy and Mark

Karla's quality and talent as a photographer made our day a memorable pictures.

Jennifer and Darren

We were extremely pleased with the quality of Karla's work and professionalism.  Not only did she display great patience with the wedding party and our large families, her friendly demeanor was greatly appreciated.  We would recommend Karla without hesitation.

Stacey and Matt

Karla was an excellent touch to the perfect day.  She really knew how to capture the moment and give us great memories to look back on.  We couldn't have been happier to have a photographer like her.  We would recommend her to anyone.

Shanna and Neil

We knew from the first time we talked to Karla about being the photographer at our wedding that she would fit the spot perfectly!  She took her job very seriously, yet she was fun to work with.  She took excellent shots of us and our family and the pictures turned out fantastic.  We couldn't have been happier with anyone else taking our pictures.  We recommend Karla to anyone.

Kim and Jason

Karla did quality work and was fun to work with on our big day.  She impressed us by remembering the names of everyone in the wedding party.  She got all the good shots without being seen by our guests during the ceremony.  We would recommend Karla to any of our friends and family.

Kelly and Michael

We are thrilled with Karla's work.  She is professional and fun to work with.  We appreciate the extra effort Karla went through to allow us to customize our wedding photos.

Sandi and Art

My new husband and I were very satisfied and impressed with Karla's work.  We have a wide variety of poses.  Our day was complete and will be remembered forever because she captured all of our favorite moments.

Teri and Chad

Karla has a truly amazing talent - not only taking pictures but working with people as well.  She helped make our wedding day special and provided memories that will last a lifetime.  We won't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Aimee and Scott
Green Bay

Karla adds a personal touch to your special day.

Michelle and Ryan

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